Bilbys AGM and your new Committee

Thanks to all who came along to the AGM on 30 August, with a special mention for Tara and Winico, who joined us via Zoom from Hawaii.

The committee extends a vote of thanks to the outgoing committee members, Laura Curran, Kerryn Davies, Siobhan Williams, and an especially fond farewell to Glen Sturesteps, who is sture-stepping down from the committee after seven years of invaluable contribution. 

Thanks also to Katie Binstock, who is staying on as a committee member, but handing the presidential baton over to Joseph Walsh. They seem to have handed things over once or twice before:

The new committee is:

President: Joseph Walshe
Vice Presidents: Claire Fishpool and Anna Reynhout (also Public Officer and COVID officer)
Treasurer: Matthew Beale
Secretary: Pete Freeman
General Members:
Joe Andrews
Katie Binstock
Rob Craven
Megan Frail
Alex Gosman
Ben Jowett
David Lim 
Brett Richardson
Mary Sietsma

And welcome to new members Stephanie Way and Stephanie Jones. We’ll never get confused now.

Non-executive responsibilities will be worked out among the general committee members at our first meeting. A this stage we anticipate that Alex will be taking over coach coordination, Megan will continue as clothing officer and Mary and David will continue to share newsletter editing and meme curation. Watch this space for other duties.