Bilbys Membership Renewal Time

With the beginning of the financial year, membership renewal time is coming up. Hopefully you have received a membership renewal email in the last few days. We hope you are renewing and the easiest way to do this is to go into your Active account (by Managing your Membership on the TA website:, ensure that auto renewal is on and your credit card and other details are up to date.

There are lots of benefits of being in the Bilbys. Your Triathlon Australia membership fee is much lower if you are in a club. But more importantly, the Bilby are a longstanding triathlon club in Canberra and one of the largest community sporting clubs in the ACT. We are trying to offer a positive environment where you can train and socialize. This includes trying to make sure there are sessions and groups for everybody, no matter what your level of fitness and goals are and we have made some changes to our sessions that we hope you like. The informal feedback we are getting is that we are making progress and our membership for 2016-17 was well up on the previous year, which is a good sign.

The Bilbys are a destination club for people who want to get into triathlon, just one of the three tri disciplines or just have some fun getting fit in a supportive environment. We will continue to try and evolve the Club to meet our members’ needs and if you like us, it is important to make sure you renew.

Some of you might not want to join Triathlon Australia and still be a Bilby and we cater for that to. The cost of just being a Bilby is $40 ($35 for Bilbys plus a $5 TACT fee) and you can join through Active with a non-race licence ( We have kept our Club membership fee the same as recent years, so you can keep getting great value out of being a Bilby