Running Workshop

Caleb McInnes (Sports Podiatrist) from Freedom Sports Medicine and Ricky Lee (Podiatrist) from the Walking Clinic are running a Running Workshop on 29 July.

Bilby’s have 15% early bird discount till the 30th June using the code BILBYS15 at checkout. Bilby’s Members will also get a FREE trigger point (lacrosse) ball.

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Want to REDUCE your risk of INJURY & ENHANCE your PERFORMANCE?                                                                                        

This practical, 5 hour workshop is an investment in you and your running, your body and your performance. Learn how to IMPROVE your MOBILITY, STABILITY, RUNNING TECHNIQUE & EFFICIENCY Running is a SKILL and requires you to be EFFICIENT.  It also requires you to use multiple body systems, and use them in co-ordination with one another. The good news is you can learn and train this skill through specific drills. Drills involve specific movement patterns which when learnt well make you more EFFICIENT and lead not only to a REDUCED risk of injury but also ENHANCED performance! Who doesn’t want that!

You get and learn: – Individual before and after video analysis – How to improve Posture & Foot / Lower Limb Function  – Footwear (what you don’t know) – how they are deforming your feet, inhibiting performance but also why they are essential – Practical self-massage and mobilization techniques for the foot, ankle, lower limb & hips – Barefoot Training – What is / is not and how it can benefit your running – Static and Dynamic: postural and stability exercises to improve your run and get you or keep you pain free – Key’s to running well – Key’s to running efficiently – How to reduce impact forces through good technique – Drills you can use to continue to improve these things  – 4 x drill sessions. Each drill builds on the previous one to teach you efficient running Cost: $299pp (before discount) Max of 16 people Includes Snacks, trigger point ball (Bilby’s Members), PDF copies of power point presentations & individual before and after video analysis pics


Caleb ([email protected]) and Ricky ([email protected]) to register your interest.