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Over 30 years and counting...



Canberra Bilbys Triathlon Club is a friendly club catering for complete beginners and seasoned triathletes alike. The club has around 300 members, including 50 new novices each year which make us the biggest triathlon club in Canberra.

The Bilbys began in 1987 in Canberra, Australia, when a group of individuals (mainly firemen) formed an informal training group to pursue their goals in the sport of triathlon.


The club takes its name from the Bilby, an Australian marsupial (noted for its speed, cunning and agility – NOT!…according to our founding members).


The Bilbys offer weekly training sessions across the three disciplines of triathlon. We also organise social events and fun events throughout the year.

For people wanting to come and check out the club, we recommend you start by coming along to a Tuesday night running session. During summer (October through March) these are held Dickson Oval (we are on the oval closest to the Dickson shops) starting at 6pm and ending 7:15 to 7:30 pm ish, depending on which running set you decide to do.  During winter (April through September), these session are held at Southwell Park 2 (the most Southern oval, one oval in from Northbourne Ave) starting at 5:50pm.  This is our biggest session of the week and you will easily be able to find a coach to speak to and ask questions about the club.

You can also turn up to one of our swim sessions. We recommend you get there a bit early for your first time and chat to the coach before the session. They will be able to answer your questions about the swim session and the club in general.

Our ride sessions are uncoached and require that you already have good bunch riding skills. You will need to be able to ride in a bunch complete with hand signals and the ability to participate in a paceline lead change. We teach these skills each year in our novice program (see below) and other cycling clubs around Canberra sometimes do cycling courses in which bunch riding skills are taught.

You can come and try one of our sessions for non-member prices and then join the club if you enjoy the session and wish to do more. Membership involves joining Triathlon ACT (competing or non-competing) and then selecting Bilbys as your club and paying our membership fee. Note that the non-competing Triathlon ACT licence does not allow you to race in triathlon and does not offer insurance for you or anyone you may injure in training.


Another good way to get into the club is to join in our Novice Program. This runs in October/November each year and is an excellent way to join the Bilbys as our dedicated coaches will look after you every step of the way as we teach you the swimming, riding and running skills to complete a triathlon.

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