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Come Train with Us


Bilbys runs a year round training program with sessions in all triathlon disciplines. Bilbys training consists of some paid sessions run by qualified coaches, while other sessions are non-coached and typically free or at cost. For swim and run sessions, bilbys members pay $5 and non-members pay $10.

Prospective members are always welcome. Some sessions require previous experience – for example, road cycling in bunches. See session-specific details in the links below, and always make yourself known to the coach or bunch leader if you are new or unsure.

The annual novice program which runs through October and November provides an excellent grounding for anyone looking to join regular club sessions.


Mondays - 6:00-7:30pm with Coach Claire Fishpool

Tuesdays - 6:00-7:00am with Coach Alex Gosman

Thursdays - 6:00-7:00am with Coach Terry Dixon

Fridays - 6:00-7:30pm with Rotating Coaches - Alex, Claire and Terry

All sessions at Canberra Olympic Pool, 36 Constitution Av, Canberra - Pool entry not included.

$5 members/$10 non-members


Wednesdays - departing 6:00am from Dickson Aquatic Centre, 152 Cowper St, Dickson

Saturdays - departing 7:00am summer / 8:00am winter from ANU Sport, North Rd, Acton

Please note that these are uncoached bunch rides. You must be covered by training insurance to participate (included in Triathlon Australia membership, or through other cycling associations).

You must also have bunch riding experience for safety reasons. 

There are a number of groups at Saturday and Wednesday rides of varying speeds. The slowest group is always a guaranteed no-drop bunch. All others bunches will / may drop riders. 


Tuesdays - from 6 pm Dickson Oval, Antill St, Dickson.

Coaches announced on the Sunday evening via our newsletter.

$5 members/$10 non-members

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