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New to triathlons? Returning to former glory? Never entered a race before?

Everyone is welcome!

The Canberra Bilby’s Triathlon Club offers a great introduction into the sport of triathlon through its annual Novice Program. The Bilby’s Novice Program has been running since 2000.  Since its inception, approximately 50-80 novices each year have become triathletes.


The novice program caters for all levels of abilities and goals, from people who have no idea about triathlons and may not have ridden a bike for 30 years, all the way through to people who are competitive runners, swimmers or cyclists looking for a new challenge.

The program comprises of 10 weeks of training sessions in running, swimming and cycling designed to increase your fitness and improve your performance. The program also provides information sessions on various aspects related to the sport of triathlon, and finishes with your first novice distance triathlon race. The cost also includes a Novice distance race in December 2024.

The program is open to all people over the age of 18.

The next Novice Program is starting October 2024. More details coming soon!

Any questions? Flick us an email at

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